Conversations on Care

Want to talk about care?

20200513_141126The work of carers is coming into focus as we experience COVID-19. The inequalities in the lives of those that care is suddenly becoming apparent to all of us. As we collectively wake up to the realities of those on the front line – care assistants, nurses, doctors – we have the opportunity to return to the core principles of care, to think radically about how it should be valued, and to consider in what shape we want the structures that support those that give and receive care.

I am grateful for support from Heart of Glass to develop the initial concept and writing for this work.

I want to hear from more people about their experience of caring. I am interested to learn how you would reshape the world now so that care aligns to your experience, wisdom and foresight. Conversations on Care will come together in a publication that represents the diversity of views on the subject. The final format will be informed by the content of our discussions.

The definition of carer for this work is broad. I am keen to hear from a range of people. Are you a nurse who has watched changes in your career and is anticipating more uncertainty? Are you a minister who wants things to change?  Are you a gardener who sees a different way of doing things? Are you a manager responsible for social care? All viewpoints will be heard and respected. You will have the option to decide whether your contribution remains anonymous.

To find out more please email Sarah on

Supported by Arts Council England.

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