On Schools

What do we want for our schools?

School is the place where we begin to learn about the world and our place within it. We all have fond memories of moments in school where we connected with something new for the first time. The world changed in 2020. The arrival of the pandemic has encouraged deeper reflection on how our societies work. Some of us are seeking a return to normal, whilst others have reset their priorities.

During the pandemic, teachers have continued to serve our schools and children. This has included trying to blend learning in the digital and physical worlds, supporting children through uncertainty, addressing the symptoms of poverty, and making decisions about how to keep their school community well.

‘Textbook’ will explore fundamental questions about schools. In this project with Heart of Glass, we will produce a pamphlet that will amplify the voice of teachers, and explore their views on what their institutional role should be in society’s education of our children.

We’ll reflect on their most powerful experiences of learning, uncover the precious parts of teaching that they want to safeguard, and explore their hopes for the schools and learners of the future.

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