Hello there

This website is an introduction to me and my work. It’s in development.

I find childhood infinitely interesting. How much of the world we all walk through is shaped by how we experience and understand that phase of life?

I have worked across the arts, education and social sectors over a number of years, and have slowly pieced together a practice that focuses on the experience of childhood. Some colleagues call me an artist-educator. I can go with that. I want to do interesting and useful work with values driven people.

Sometimes I make stories with children or the adults who know them well, sometimes I support other practitioners and organisations, and sometimes I write. I am not motivated by a particular role – though I’ve tried to be. In the end, I just think it’s a good use of our time to ask more questions about what we want for children. 

Always up for a chat with like-minded people hello@sarahbailey.net